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Fairchild Public Library

Library Board

Library board meetings are held every third Tuesday at 6:00 P.M.

Public notices are posted at Fairchild Public Library, Fairchild Post Office, and Unity Bank.

Public welcome.

Library Board Trustees

Ann Hurst, President
Crystal Kosz, Vice President
Kayleen Rosman, Treasurer
Tammy Voegeli
Brandon Hardin
Sue Koehler


The Fairchild Public Library is one of the few joint libraries in the State of Wisconsin. It is supported primarily by the Village of Fairchild and the Town of Fairchild.

It serves many communities in the area including the Village and Town of Fairchild, the Humbird area in Clark County, and the Town of Cleveland in Jackson County.

It prides itself on being the “heart of the community” to serve the area in different capacities and is willingly a social place in the community for residents to gather and greet one another, besides checking out a good book or movie.

Wi-fi is available both inside and outside the building with an inviting deck and picnic table area to use your own technology device.


The Fairchild Public Library has been here since January 12, 1899 according to the archive of Fairchild Public Library Board minutes.  It has existed for one hundred twenty-one years.  The building itself was built in 1896 by Gilbert Foster after a big fire occurred in Fairchild. 

The library was also originally used as a part of the village hall, and the current history room was at one time a jail cell.   The building has seen many upgrades throughout the years, but the original part of the building built in 1899 still exists. 

Thanks to the generosity of Kenneth Ramsey, an addition was constructed several years ago that increased the library to two large rooms with a new restroom.  The storage room became  a kitchen area with new cupboards, a sink, microwave, and small refrigerator which comes in handy for group meetings. 

One whole section in the new room addition provided a space to house a children’s area for providing programming.  A new deck and handicapped accessibility were added as well as new front steps and both new entrance and front sidewalks. Through generous donations and fundraisers, the library oldest section gained a new roof and updated technology needs for the community it serves. 

Six computer stations are now available for public use, and the library is proud to have become the home of the Carole Landis History Memorabilia.  A beautiful display case was built by our local carpenter, Dale Zank, and houses a complete picture history of this actress and entertainer of WWII soldiers on three continents.  The display is a treasure to view and well worth the trip to Fairchild to visit. 

The library also houses a statue dedicated to Carole Landis to celebrate her 100th birthday.  The Carole Landis Fan Club has donated many items to honor and have Carole remembered in the future.  A professional commissioned photograph also hangs in the library of this famous stage actress and WWII U.S.O. entertainer by Dick Bobnick.  Norman Borgeois of Upper New York State donated many of the items in the library. 

An Open House and Unveiling Program occurred in October of 2019 with the guests from four states in attendance.  

A History Room in the library houses historical items and treasures from the area.  A picture array of Fairchild as a booming railroad and logging town shows you the history of the Village for your viewing above the shelves of books in the entrance room. 

Recently, the Fairchild Historical Society was organized, and the library has become an active meeting place for this group.